About Us

Perhaps more than any other southern city, Huntsville is a city home to diverse spiritual and cultural traditions.  The Cooperative of the Interfaith Mission Service believes this is a strength of Huntsville and works to ensure Huntsville continues to be an accepting home to a diverse array of spiritual families and different cultures.  Using this spiritual and cultural diversity as a strength, we have facilitated a broad table for spiritual pilgrims to come together and learn from one another and achieve common goals.  While the Interfaith Mission Service has an over 40 year history in the Huntsville area, it is the future that we are most excited about.  As Huntsville stands poised for growth and is continually recognized as one of the nation’s best places to live, we believe this is in part due to the deep spiritual wells that exist across this town and surrounding areas.  The Cooperative works to make sure that a spirit of acceptance and non-judgment are deeply ingrained in our community.


The Cooperative of the Interfaith Mission Service is more than just a social service agency or your typical non-profit group.  We are a congregation-driven network where our member congregations “plan the work and work the plan.”  This aspect of our organization is central to who we are and how we operate.  Member congregations have one to three seats on our Leadership Council and they set the vision for our organization.  Congregations participate in an annual survey to help formulate our annual plan, which is approved by the Leadership Council and implemented by the Board of Directors. The real “work” of the Cooperative is done by the congregations themselves with coaching and guidance from our Specialized Ministry Team.  Congregations do the work of the cooperative through the coordinating congregations concept where they pick up a piece of the work and coordinate the details of executing their part in the Cooperative’s annual plan.