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Huntsville is blessed with an abundance of global cultures.  We have the opportunity to expand our understanding of each other by journeying with fellow “pilgrims” to experience the traditions of other faiths and participate in spiritual practices.  The focus is on experiencing sacred gatherings and spiritual practices of different cultures – all the while nurturing a shared commitment to deepened understanding of “the other.”

This year’s pilgrimage will focus on historic congregations in the Huntsville area.  Temple B’nai Sholom, Church Street Cumberland Presbyterian and St. Joseph’s Catholic Church all have historical markers on their congregation grounds.  The Huntsville Islamic Center and North Alabama Hindu Cultural Center are the result of the area’s changing demographics and are the first for their traditions.


Join us as we take this historical pilgrimage to expand our understanding.


Sunday, September 29th at 10 AM

Church Street Cumberland Presbyterian Church

228 Church Street, 35801


Friday, October 4th at 7 PM 

Temple B’nai Sholom

103 Lincoln Street, 35801

Friday’s service will be a normal service- welcoming the Sabbath with Q&A afterwards.  The Temple is the oldest one still in use in Alabama.  Its congregants were originally given space in a Christian building for their worship at fitting tribute to IMS’ mission.


Saturday, October 5th at 10 AM

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

2300 Beasley Avenue , 35816

Saturday people should bring their pets in cages, on leashes and in control for a special blessing outside the church.  This is in memory of St. Francis of Assisi who was the first to make a Nativity scene with real animals and for his love of all creation and especially those entrusted to humanity.  Afterwards there will be a tour of the church- the first institution to desegregate in the state. Again, just as IMS believes in social justice and equality.  Please bring your questions.


Thursday, October 10th at 6 PM

Hindu Cultural Center

14840 Smith Drive , 35749

At the Hindu Cultural Center we will be part of a special week long celebration with a tour and Q&A.


Sunday, October 27th at 1:00 PM

Huntsville Islamic Center

1645 Sparkman Drive, 35816

The Huntsville Islamic Center invites us to their midday prayers with an opportunity to ask questions.


Everyone is invited to participate within their own comfort level.  Please share worship time with fellow pilgrims.


 Tolerance should lead to understanding, and understanding, to respect.


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