One Huntsville

one huntsville diversity dinners

A Monthly Diversity Dinner Celebration

Where a variety of faiths, races, and cultures are welcomed – and embraced!
The objective of One Huntsville is to provide an opportunity to meet across religious, racial and cultural segments, exchange information and become informed via a good program.


* Engage in fascinating, authentic conversations…
* Learn ways to see diversity as a strength and asset…
* Experience real-time exchanges with people of all walks of life…
* Do your part to help build bridges between races, faiths, and cultures…
* Hear news from many unity-builders and collaborators in our community.
We meet the third Tuesday of each month at The Huntsville-Madison Public Library (915 Monroe St SW, 35801).
Our format is to have informal table discussion from 5:00 until 5:45 pm. After a time of sharing community news, the program begins around 6:00 pm. If you cannot come for the full time, feel free to come anytime between 5:00 and 7:00 pm.
Dinner is a catered mini-buffet.  The cost of dinner is $8.  If not eating, we request a donation of $2 to help cover cost of the facility.



Program for March 17th 2014:

Presenter: Charles Miller, Regional Director of American Atheists
Topic:Counting (on) the “Faithless”
Who are the non-religious and how do they fit in to our community? On March 17th, Charles Miller, Regional Director of American Atheists will lead a discussion on the growing number of  “Nones” and “Dones” who are not involved in any organized religious activities.  According to Mr. Miller, “‘Nones’ includes people with no religion, like atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, or believers who choose not to participate in a church for a variety of reasons. The number of  people in Madison County who fit any of those descriptions is surprisingly high, and we will look at the data and reasons behind this growing trend.”

Program for February 17th 2014:

Presenter: Speaker: Monica Williams-Murphy MD
Topic: How to Support the Healthcare Proxy
Dr. Murphy is the Huntsville Hospital medical director for advance care planning and end-of-life education programs. She is available for various religious and civic groups in the community to discuss end-of-life issues.
Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy, co-author of “It’s Okay to Die”
Lesson from the ER: Life is fragile and fleeting. Live and love as though every day is your last, or your parents last or your child’s last.

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Program for December 17th 2014:

Presenter: Naaman Goode, President of the Huntsville Council of Neighborhood Association
Topic: Making Good Neighbors Across Our City:
The future of neighborhood associational life for civic vitality and unity
Come and learn about the remarkable progress being made by the Huntsville Council of Neighborhood Associations.  Also discover what is happening in cites around the country who look to neighborhood associational alliances to strengthen quality of life and further civic vitality and unity.

Program for August 20th 2014:

Inclusivity and the Arts:  A Story of Collaboration from Create Huntsville
Create Huntsville has laid the groundwork for The Arts Council’s current program expansion.  Leaders are excited to now have new community data to share about engagement in the arts across the community.  Executive Director Allison Dillon-Jauken will share this with the excitement that comes with passionately believing in the power of the arts to bring people together.  She will focus on the collaborative nature of the arts and the current activity in the arts community that relates back to our shared interest in community, education, and quality of life for all.

Program from July 16th 2014:

Day Break in Alabama Series
Joining Others NOW in Bringing About Breakthroughs for Social Justice
Constitution Reform … Death Penalty … Education … Food Security … Health Care … Human Trafficking … Immigration …  Predatory Lending … Tax Reform …  what is going on and what can be done? We see arising across our state serious and balanced attempts to address difficult issues in a way that engages individuals, organizations and congregations in ethical and deliberate decision making.Daybreak in Alabama is a pioneer in this movement in its work to develop study guides, videos, creative teams, and “places and spaces” for citizen and congregation participation. We have the opportunity to learn of their cutting edge work. Come and learn from area leaders how the creative and sustained work of Interfaith Mission Service and partners across the community and state is resulting in successful ways to tackle the public issues of our times with discernment and relevant information.  Experience the tools for democracy and moral discernment that are working – and can work for any individual or community who wants to do something towards building a better Alabama.

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Program from June 18th 2014:

CORNERSTONE: A Fresh Vision for Genuine Collaboration:
A Community-engaged Framework Addressing Relational Poverty and our Under-Resourced Communities
Our program will be presented by The CornerStone Initiativean emerging faith-based, community development organization committed to providing comprehensive solutions to poverty.   They will share:
  • Their vision for holistic community development
  • Their picture for future city-based “Centers for Excellence” – strategically-located, easily assessable “one-stop shop” resource centers
  • Their approach:  To assess, develop, and partner with local community and faith-based organizations who can come alongside families in asset-strapped communities
  • Their progress in developing a community “hub” for the coordination and dissemination of information and services for under-resourced communities
  • Their desired result:  A continuum of care that moves people from crisis to self-sustainability, “lifting all boats” for a safer, healthier, and more vibrant life!

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Program from May 21st 2014:

Inspiring Inner Global Leaders in All of Us
Building and Expanding Cross-Cultural Work in The World We Call the South 
One Huntsville welcomes Deborah Levine, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the renowned American Diversity Report (launched in 2006) through which she provides leadership designed to develop and implement training for diverse teams locally and globally.  Based in Chattanooga, her fields of expertise and regular practice include cross-cultural understanding, diversity training, urban planning, and creating community organizations and initiatives. An award-winning author, her writing spans decades of published articles. She is also listed among the 2013 Champions of Diversity by
Committed to developing the new Cross Cultural School of the South, she trains “New Southerners” to acculturate to the culture of the US Southeast while going global.  She joins us with a special interest in sharing as a pioneer in the field of Global Leadership training.  Her book “Inspire Your Inner Global Leader” was field tested in Youth Global Leadership Classes co-taught with Volkswagen executives and is now available for use and application.
Ms. Levine is a product of Harvard and New York University (NYU – BS, Cultural Anthropology), University of Illinois at Chicago (MUPP, Urban Planning & Policy/Arts & Culture) and Spertus Institute (MA, Jewish Studies).  She has received research fellowships from UCLA and the American Jewish Archives.

Click here to watch the great video from this One Huntsville event!