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The Interfaith Mission Service is a cooperative of congregations and individuals working to co-create a Beloved Community.

Tonight – The Big Picture: One Huntsville Diversity Dinner

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Tonight – The Big Picture: One Huntsville Diversity Dinner

the big picture



The Big Picture – One Huntsville Diversity Dinner

5:00 – 7:00 – Huntsville Madison County Public Library

The BIG Picture’ is a comprehensive planning process for the City of Huntsville. Comprehensive plans are typically policy documents that express a community vision for growth and delineate a path for achieving that vision. Considerations run the gamut, including land use, transportation, parks and recreation, infrastructure, workforce development, education, quality of life initiatives, and economic development/diversification. A key component in a comprehensive planning effort is community outreach, and the BIG Picture seeks to be as broad and deep as possible in engaging the community.

Click here for event information!

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Give Yourself the Gift of Health – Breathing and Meditation Workshop

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Give Yourself the Gift of Health – Breathing and Meditation Workshop

After a season filled with giving to others, it is time to give something to yourself!

Register today!!

breathing & meditation

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Seasons Givings

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Seasons Givings
Dear Friends, 

IMS would like to thank each of you for your community support and involvement in 2014. We are asking that you support IMS in continuing community outreach and educational programs for 2015. IMS depends on your generosity to conduct programs and events that meet human needs and promote racial, religious and cultural harmony in our local and global community.

See below for several opportunities to provide your support.

Wishing everyone a safe, peaceful and prosperous holiday season! 








Amazon Smile

End of the Year Giving

Do you have some last minute shopping to finish. Amazon may be your place!

Every time you shop on Amazon (through the IMS Smile portal) 0.5% of your purchases will be donated to IMS.

Click here to be taken to the Amazon Smile portal.

This is the perfect way to give without it costing you a dime!

Support your community while taking advantage of the tax benefits. It is a win-win.

Make sure to complete your end of the year giving donations by Wednesday, December 31st so that they can apply to your 2014 taxes.

Here are two ways to give:

  1. Online – www.interfaithmissionservice.org

2.  By mail:

Interfaith Mission Service

701 Andrew Jackson Way

Huntsville, AL 35801

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Today is Giving Tuesday!

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Today is Giving Tuesday!
Supporting  IMS Means Supporting the Community

The Interfaith Mission Service is a cooperative of congregations, organizations, and individuals working to create a Beloved Community – a place of religious tolerance, racial harmony, justice, and care for the most vulnerable in our community.

1. Check out our website for all of the past and present community programs.

2. Click here to continue to support IMS programs in the community.

3. Watch recent community program – Click here to view the Community Interfaith Service from the Exploring Faith Intersections Conference.

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Tomorrow – One Huntsville with Alabama Arise

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The objective of One Huntsville is to provide an opportunity to meet across religious, racial and cultural segments, exchange information and become informed via a good program.

November Program

Alabama Arise

Come and learn about the remarkable and expanding work of Alabama Arise as it creates possibilities and structures for cooperative and collaborative work across the State – and increasingly in our area.   Arise organizer Robyn Hyden will lead a discussion of the Arise issue priorities and how individuals, community groups, and congregations can choose to advocate for justice in any of a variety of ways – by supporting expanse of Medicaid, boosting education funding, un-taxing groceries, reform high-cost lending, and/or supporting affordable housing.

5:00 – 5:45 p.m.  – Dinner and informal table discussion

Informal table discussions as we eat together is an important aspect of our One Huntsville experience.   Please take the extra time to bring (or order) your meal, drink or snack so we can eat together.

Bring your own meal or order a boxed turkey sandwich dinner for $6.00 by noon the day of the meeting at ims@knology.net  or call (256) 536-2401)

5:45 – “Unity in our Community” – Fresh updates on Community Life

6:00 – Program and Dialogue

Can’t come for the full time? Come anytime between 5:00-7:00

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This Thursday – Prison Overcrowding

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This Thursday – Prison Overcrowding

Prision Overcrowding



























Thursday, November 6th

6:00 pm

Times/AL.com Hub – 200 West Side Sq.

Huntsville, Alabama
Co-sponsored by
AL.com and the
The David Mathews Center for Civic Life
Alabama Media Group and its partners in the Alabama Investigative Journalism Lab have worked for months exposing problems in the state prison system.
In partnership with The David Mathews Center for Civic Life, we’re creating a dialogue around solutions. Through a series of interactive workshops, people shared their concerns about crowded prisons, listed possible actions and identified costs and consequences. What emerged from this exercise is a framework that explores three possible routes to improvement:
1. Increase prison capacity and improve conditions;
2. Address the root causes that lead to criminal activity;
3. Implement alternative approaches to incarceration.
Forum participates will deliberate these possible routes to improvement. The results will be shared with people across Alabama via the AL.com website and in The Huntsville Times and with legislators who must decide the path forward for Alabama’s prison system.
For more information, contact Shelly Haskins, shaskins@ al.com, or Chris McCauley, cmccauley@mathewscenter.org.. Shelly
Haskins is director of community news for Alabama Media Group in Huntsville. He can be reached at shaskins@ al.com.

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Be a Part of History!

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Be a Part of History!

 Exploring Faith Intersections - Community Gathering and Conference



 What Do I Get?

  • Opportunity to hear FOUR phenomenal speakers
  • Chance to be part of history
  • Impact the quality of your community
  • Great food the day of the conference
  • Networking opportunities
  • Social Workers have been approved for 6.25 CEUs


How Much Does it Cost?

  • Sunday only costs your time – the event is free
  • Monday is only $79 ($65 if you are a student or retiree)


What Do I Need to Do?

  1. Register: You are on a phone or computer, so go ahead and do it now: )-
    • Online


    • Call 256.536.2401
  1. Mark your calendar
    • Sunday November 2nd and
    • Monday November 3rd
  2. Tell everyone you know
  3. Find us on Facebook and SHARE
  4. Send email to all of your local contacts
  5. Attend the free community gathering Sunday, November 2nd with Rabbi Saperstein and Bryan Stevenson
  6. Attend conference Monday, November 3rd with Rev. Jim Wallis, Rabbi Shapiro and many more!

exploring intersections




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‘Slavery didn’t end; it evolved,’ Bryan Stevenson of Equal Justice Initiative tells ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart

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‘Slavery didn’t end; it evolved,’ Bryan Stevenson of Equal Justice Initiative tells ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart

stevenson daily show

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – Because Americans have never understood the myths of their own history that made it possible to have slavery, “Slavery didn’t end; it evolved,” Alabama’s Bryan Stevenson told Jon Stewart during the Oct. 16, 2014, “Daily Show.”

Read entire al.com article

Watch Stevenson on the Daily Show

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Bryan Stevenson will be on the Daily Show on Thursday, October 16th

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Bryan Stevenson will be on the Daily Show on Thursday, October 16th

bryran stevensonBryan Stevenson will be on the Daily Show on Thursday, October 16th. It airs at 10:00 pm on Comedy Central.

Bryan will be the guest speaker at the free community gathering on Sunday Nov 2nd. Make plan to attend that great event and the conference on Monday!



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Can American courts be color, income-blind? Bryan Stevenson of Equal Justice Initiative to speak in Huntsville

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Can American courts be color, income-blind? Bryan Stevenson of Equal Justice Initiative to speak in Huntsville

bryanstevensonBryan Stevenson, who speaks in Huntsville on Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014, embodies the arc of the American dream. The great-grandson of slaves, Stevenson is a graduate of Harvard Law with a master’s in public policy, a law professor at New York University, and a MacArthur Foundation “Genius Grant” recipient. He is also founder-director of the Montgomery-based Equal Justice Initiative.

Stevenson’s evening talk will open a regional conference on Nov. 3, Exploring Faith Intersections. Exploring Faith Intersections will feature a keynote address by theRev. Jim Wallis, founder-director of Sojourners, a faith-based organization that works to eliminate poverty and injustice in the United States. Monday’s conference, which is being sponsored by the Interfaith Mission Service, will also feature both local and nationally known leaders of faith-based initiatives to create a just, open, fair, prosperous and diverse community.

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