Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit in Covid-19 Times

Welcome to the Interfaith Mission Service
2021 First Annual Conference for Women (ACW)

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2021 Virtual ACW, November 6, 2021, 10:00am – 12:00pm
Live Stream – Hosted by Trinity United Methodist Church

The Interfaith Mission Service is an interfaith cooperative of congregations, businesses, and individuals.
Our motto, The Power of We, expresses our core belief that when we work together for the greater good,
we can accomplish more than any of us can accomplish alone.
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This will be a hybrid meeting with a choice to attend in person or watch online
Location New Room of Trinity United Methodist Church
607 Airport Road, SW . Huntsville AL 35802

Thank you for registering and attending the 2021 IMS
First Annual Conference for Women!

Return to this page on the day of the event to view the live stream.

Join us for the first annual Interfaith Mission Service’s Conference for Women where we’ll address ways to recover from the added stressors COVID-19 has wrought for women. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed and, in many cases, worsened several ongoing problems in our society. In particular, gender inequality and women’s issues have been teased out and intensified by the pandemic. Women have had to leave fulfilling jobs to provide childcare during remote learning. With 70% of the health and social care workforce being female, women accounted for the majority of essential workers, and they were three times more likely to become infected than their male counterparts. To top it all off, the pandemic has set back the gender pay gap, and the amount of women in poverty is expected to climb by 2030 as a direct result of COVID-19. 

During our seminar, we’ll be bringing women together to share how we can heal our mind, body, and spirit in the wake of the pandemic. Join us as we work toward a brighter future for ourselves and our communities.  

You are invited free of charge. In lieu of tickets, your heartfelt donation of any amount is appreciated at registration. Email us at ims@knology.net