Individual Membership

Why should I join IMS?

For more than 40 years, individuals and families have been the backbone of IMS.
They’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder with their neighbors to serve the homeless and hungry.

Together, the members of IMS have moved our community toward these goals:

  • Religious tolerance
  • Racial harmony
  • Care for the most vulnerable
  • A passion for justice for all

All IMS programs strive to meet those goals.

Our Interfaith Dialogue series – unique for a city our size – presents classes and public forums on the world’s major faiths. Our Hometown Pilgrimage annually gives adults and youth a chance to learn about other religions by visiting their places of worship.

IMS’s One Huntsville monthly diversity dinners give citizens a chance to build friendships and exchange information. One Huntsville has been regionally recognized for its efforts in promoting interfaith and racial harmony. Our Racial Harmony Coalition works to build bridges among the races. The “Better Together Conference on Race” in 2009 brought city leaders and citizens together to find practical ways to bridge the racial divide. “Better Together 2″ will happen in 2010.

IMS’s Foodline ministry coordinates congregations with food pantries to provide emergency food to families in immediate need. Through Foodline, our community has shared its bounty with more than 93,000 hungry men, women, and children. Our Support Our Schools program provides children in Title 1 schools with weekend food packs for their back packs and with tutors.

To promote social justice for all, IMS offers Public Policy Workshops that explore the connection between faith and public policies, including constitutional reform, predatory lending, tax reform, to name a few. Several congregations of IMS also offer the acclaimed JustFaith 30-week program to equip citizens for the work of social justice.

If you believe that we can make Huntsville a stronger, more informed city that cares for its most vulnerable and promotes justice …  please join IMS today!

Individual memberships start at $35 per year.  Click here to download a IMS Individual Membership Application.  You may fill out application and mail, along with payment, to IMS.