History – IMS Annual Celebration

Dear Participant,

Last year, being our 50th year, collaborating as a network of interfaith congregations, we “Celebrated the Past and Imagined the Future”. It was enjoyable to recall the adventure of establishing community service ministries to engage domestic violence, homelessness, information and referral needs, care for the elderly, providing affordable housing. In the systemic ministries domain we learned how to – use deliberative decision making to analyze public polices, develop transformative action plans and advocate for change; transcend racial, interfaith and cultural differences and help the city government establish an Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Reminiscing  was enjoyable; imagining the future was eye opening and was a watershed event. Our eyes were opened to the challenges of increased religious diversity, the desire for deeper spirituality, increased acceptance of humanity, biotech and other technology advances.

Our panel will be discussing some of these challenges. The take-a-ways: (a) insight of the nature of the challenges (b) thought concerning how the faith community can acquaint their age groups (c) what common religious values apply. Being a watershed; our future will include discerning the challenges and experimenting with ways and means to navigate the future.

Our past annual celebrations were with food and fellowship. Reserving tables, half tables and seats @ $1,000, $500, and $100 was the fundraising medium. COVID 19 made food and fellowship a causality. However, an even greater possibility is available. Global participation is possible via a virtual event. Invite you family and friends wherever their location. You are not limited by prescribed ticket price. Buy a symbolic table, half table and seats. There will be a celebration report with the results and supporters made available on line.

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