Interfaith Leadership 101

Welcome to We Are Each Other’s: Interfaith Leadership 101!

Reflect | Connect | Act

The We Are Each Other’s Campaign

We Are Each Other’s: Interfaith Leadership 101 is part of We Are Each Other’s, an Interfaith Youth Core  campaign to activate and support interfaith leaders responding to the current national crises.

The Covid-19 pandemic, alongside the massive uprisings sparked by the murder of George Floyd, reveals the brokenness of American democracy. Instead of pushing us further apart, this historic time holds the potential to unite Americans in common purpose.

We Are Each Other’s aims to equip young people to engage in acts of interfaith cooperation, anti-racism, and service with their communities. The first step is to watch the campaign video above.

Watch the Campaign Video

Curriculum Structure

In this suite of three playlists, we will explore the foundations of interfaith cooperation and leadership. We also will explore how you as an interfaith leader can develop the vision, knowledgebase, and skillsets of interfaith leadership using a three-part framework for engagement:

  1. In this playlist, we will REFLECT on your inspiration and commitments to becoming an interfaith leader and learn about core concepts in advancing interfaith cooperation. What prompted you to begin this journey? Why?
  2. In the second playlist, we will CONNECT with people and ideas from other worldviews, including historical figures who helped drive movements of interfaith cooperation. How does learning about others help us learn about ourselves? In what ways can historical examples be a model for us today?
  3. Finally, the third playlist will ask you to ACT on your commitments. How can you create more interfaith cooperation in your own community in the midst of a pandemic and in times of widespread protest?

Like all of you, we are on a journey in this work and are excited to have you as co-learners as we seek to deepen our interfaith leadership. We are excited to be on this path with you. (Looking for more information on how to utilize this curriculum? Contact Rachel Kline at

Let’s get started!

Reflect | Connect | Act