Civic Dinners

The Interfaith Mission Service is pleased to introduce the Huntsville Community to two significant resources for conducting meaningful and fruitful dialogue and listening sessions:

Information for Civic Dinners (aka inclusivv) is found below. Click to learn more about Justice Circles

Thank you for hosting a Civic Dinner on Bridging the Racial Divide in partnership with IMS.

How To Host This Courageous Conversation
Bridging the Racial Divide: A conversation exploring how we understand race and how we can
bridge the racial divide to create the Beloved Community.

Whether you’re hosting within your organization, or your friends and neighbors, follow the below steps to ensure a powerful conversation.

Your main role as host is setting a date, a time and virtual location for diverse voices to gather together and follow our simple conversation guide created for Bridging the Racial Divide.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind as a host:

  • Select a date and register your dinner on
  • Dinners can be online from your home, as long as it is a quiet space where
    you can hear others.
  • The Host Guide includes all prompts and questions that guide the
    conversation so you can sit back, relax and listen as you follow the guide.
  • Civic Dinners are designed to be inclusive, so try to invite diverse voices to
    the table to create a robust conversation.
  • Remember to share photos with @interfaithmissionservice using
    the hashtag #bridgethedivide
Download the Civic Dinners ‘Bridging the Racial Divide’ Guide

Our approach to meaningful engagement



Our approach helps guide participants with content that connects the heart and mind to the issue.


Our conversation model encourages respectful dialogue, leading to deeper understanding and a stronger sense of community.


Personal empowerment is embedded in our platform, so participants can choose what role they want to play in building the vision they helped create.


Recommended actions and automated follow-ups give participants the tools they need to implement necessary changes.


What’s needed is less monologue…

Traditional town halls and pre-set meetings only allow the few, loudest voices to be heard.

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Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 9.44.11 PM

And more dialogue

Civic leaders have an opportunity to create the sense of community that residents crave and policy that reflects the voice of all, through conversation on difficult topics. But knowing where to start, what to say, and how to ensure all are heard is the hardest part. This can be frustrating and paralyzing for leaders, especially as they are under pressure to fully engage their communities. We believe it should be easier.