Racial Equity

Through the cooperative, faith leaders and lay people come together to address racism – institutional and individual – and other barriers of discrimination and prejudice that are rooted in the culture. IMS Seeks to replace racism in all its forms with a spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood.

Anti-Racism Resource List

Learn practical ways to recognize and overcome cultural or racial barriers to communication and working together. Here is a short video explaining Systemic Racism:


Let’s Continue the Conversation – For the past two years, the UAH office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs has sponsored a series of public forums designed to promote mutual understanding, dignity, respect, and cooperation among all economic, ethnic, racial, religious, and social groups in Huntsville. Sometimes a film is shown – Mobile in Black and White, for example, and discussion follows. Other topics tackled by experts in the field have included The “Color” of Law:  Mass Incarceration and Prison Privatization as well as Black, White, Brown, and Gray Issues: Social and Economic Impact on Race Relations. These forums will continue in 2017-2018.

REACHsv, a new grassroots organization that IMS partners with to deliver training, has designed a “Creating Understanding for Racial Equality (CURE)” training program, which they piloted for Huntsville area high school teachers this summer. The course was held at Lee High School. It could be tailored for church school, businesses, government offices … any organization that would profit from training in creating understanding that leads to racial equality.

Let’s Continue the Conversation public forums – perhaps reprise some of the offerings, including “Race Relations and the Faith Community.”

REACHsv’s CURE training program can be tailored for different audiences.

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