Interfaith Dialogue

For 23 years, the IMS cooperative has provided materials and expert presenters to schools, congregations, and civic groups seeking to understand the core beliefs of the world’s major religions. Among courses offered are The Abrahamic Faiths, Mysticism in the World’s Great Faiths, and Countering Islamophobia Through Education (CITE). All courses offer chances for interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

Interfaith Dialogue on the Road is a popular IMS program that brings a combination of knowledge, current realities, experiential understanding, and local religious leaders to address issues affecting the religions of the world.

The Intention: To engage in a spiritual quest for common ground in a pluralistically religious world.

The Objectives:

  • To explore the value, challenges, and opportunities for interfaith dialogue in a pluralistic land
  • To learn the core beliefs, and practices of the world’s major religions
  • To gain knowledge and insight into religious diversity in our world, nation and community
  • To be in dialogue with area faith representatives.